About us

The Polish Association of Insurance Medicine was set up in the fall of 1998 on the initiative of medical consultants to some of the Insurance Companies, active on the Polish market at that time.

The organization associates medical doctors of different specialities who are are active in the field of insurance medicine and who cooperate with the biggest isurers in Poland.

The Association is Warsaw based and covers the territory of the whole of Poland, yet in order to fulfil its goals, it may also extend its activities beyond the borders of the country.

The goals of the Association are the following:

  • promoting the international and national achievements in the field of insurance medicine,
  • encouraging the practical implementations if these achievements,
  • increasing the high prestige of insurance medicine medical doctor, putting stress at the same time on preserving ethical values involved.

The Association carries out its goals through the following means:

  • organization of lectures,meetings, symposias,conferences,congresses (both national and international),
  • organizing supplementary trainings in the field of insurance medicine,
  • supporting the activities of the government agencies in their works concerning life end health insurance,
  • giving opinions in the matters concerning insurance medicine (including the assessment of the professional qualifications of the people working in that job),
  • cooperation with people and institutions who on the basis of their experience and the scope of activities can contribute to the realization of the goals of the Association.

The realization of the above mentioned goals is based on the social and voluntary work of its association members.

The active members of the Association are medical doctors who are involved in the scientific field of the Association and who have pledged to obey its rules and regulations . The Association also affiliates the supporting members who can be corporate bodies or honorary members.

The Association Authorities consist of: General Assembly of the Members, the Executive Board,the Committee of Appeal and Disciplinary Committee.

The activities of the Association have focused on following problems so far:

  • creating the common ground of the profesional contacts between the representatives of the life end health insurance medical world,
  • recognizing the problems of medical consultants and underwriters who deal with risk assessment and handling claims problems,
  • initiating works on the creation of the medical examination standards for insurance purposes,
  • establishing cooperation with the people from the international insurance medicine circles.

Recently, different committees have been set up within the statutory activities of the Association. They concern the following aspects:

  • standardization of medical procedures,
  • legal aspects of gainning and exchanging of medical information,
  • collecting and systemizing epidemiological data.

The members of the Committees are supposed to develop the activities of the Association in the above mentioned fields.

We believe that works which have been initiated by the Association will contribute to systemizing the knowledge on insurance medicine and they will help in professional extension of the range of performed services, being at the same time useful in the further development of life nad health insurance on our market.