Insurance medicine - underwriting, certification, health insurance - collective work

Medycyna ubezpieczeniowa - okładkaOriginal polish title: „Medycyna ubezpieczeniowa – underwriting, orzecznictwo, ubezpieczenia zdrowotne”.

The book is a lengthy and innovative publication concerning insurance medicine. It systematises the knowledge on the field from both theoretical and practical point of view.

The book systematises knowledge on this subject, from both theoretical and  practical point of view. It encompasses:

  • the role of medicine in insurance including ethical and legal issues,
  • methods of medical underwriting and risk assessment in life and health insurance,
  • implementation of medical knowledge in insurance practice,
  • medical certification practice in personal injuries,
  • problems of damage liquidation and settlement of insurance claims.

The book presents unique knowledge on medical underwriting basics in life and health insurance, medical certification practice in personal injury insurance and standards of personal damage liquidation. The compendium encompasses important information concerning health insurance – the idea and its place in healthcare system. It also describes operating in the private health insurance sector in the chosen countries and the current state of Polish market development. One can also find unique information on medical certification in personal injury insurance, standards of personal damage liquidation and the basics of medical underwriting and risk assessment in life and health insurance.

This broad approach was possible thanks to the team of authors who are not only linked to the field of healthcare due to longstanding training and practice, but also can be considered experts in insurance market working in the field (commonly from its beginnings) and influencing the shape of current standards in use.

The book is addressed to medical examiners,  especially to the participants of the postgraduate studies on insurance medicine and medical examination but also students of graduate and postgraduate studies on public health, healthcare organisation, insurance and the representatives of insurance associations. The book can be treated as an academic textbook in the departments of public health, healthcare organisation etc.

Additional information can be found in the following appendices:

  • Table of Percentage Evaluation Standards of Health Impairment due to Personal Accident developed by PAIM,
  • interesting case studies,
  • glossary of insurance-related terms.


title    Insurance medicine – underwriting, certification, health insurance
original title    Medycyna Ubezpieczeniowa - underwriting, orzecznictwo, ubezpieczenia zdrowotne
edited by    Zuzanna Guzel, Dorota M. Fal, Arkadiusz Lipka
table of contents   download in the polish language version [pdf]
publishing house    Poltext
edition    I
year    2013
language    polski
number of pages    520
cover    hard
cover size    17x24 cm
ISBN    978-83-7561-229-5
EAN    9788375612295