Conference "Life insurance in the developing market"

Organized by: PTMU
Place: Marriott Hotel, Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79, Warsaw
Date: 31st of March 1999


Scientific committee

Prof. Ryszard Andrzejak
Head of Department and Faculty of Internal and Occupational Diseases of Medical Academy in Wrocław

Prof. Eugeniusz Stroiński
Dean of Higher School of Insurance and Banking in Warsaw

Prof. Piotr Zaborowski
Department of Hepatology and Acquired Immunodeficiency of the Institute of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Medical Academy in Warsaw

Prof. Witold Zatoński
Head of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Division in Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology in Warsaw


Organising Committee

President: Dr Krzysztof Grzyliński

Members: Dr Michał Brodzki, Dr Piotr Daniluk, Dr Barbara Godlewska-Jurczak, Dr Krzysztof Hoszowski, Dr Arkadiusz Lipka, Dr Jerzy Nowak, Barbara Perzyńska, Dr Tadeusz Zielonka



  Wednesday, March 31st, 1999
08.30 opening address
PAIM President, Dr Krzysztof Grzyliński
08.50 – 10.10 Session I
Chair: Danuta Wałcerz, Prof. Ryszard Andrzejak
  Prof. Witold Zatoński Changes in health status of Polish population in recent years
  Prof. Eugeniusz Stroiński Chosen economic aspects of uderwriting
  Prof. Piotr Zaborowski Risk estimation and prognosis. How much science and art is involved?
10.30 – 12.00 Session II
Chair: Prof. Witold Zatoński, Dr Zuzanna Guzel
  Dr Jurgen Becher Medical progress and its impact on underwriting - looking back 80 years in Munich Re experience
  Dr Jan von Overbeck Genetics and the insurance industry
  Wolfgang Wilsch ERC Frankona's new "Bonus - Malus" System. A new approach to perferred risk underwriting
12.20 – 14.00 Session III
Chair: Prof. Piotr Zaborowski, Dr Krzysztof Hoszowski
  Dr Ludwik Brodzki Analysis of death causes and risk evaluation in individual insurance
  Dr Arkadiusz Lipka Health risk factors in accidental death benefits. Outline of trends
  Dr Piotr Daniluk Benefits resulting from proper risk evaluation in life insurance
  Dr Ryszard Domański Insurance frauds - undue benefitis in a legal, medical and financial aspect
  Dr Tadeusz Zielonka Professional secrecy in medicine and the activity of insurance companies
14:00 winding up of the conference