2nd CEECLAM Scientific Conference

Organized by: CEECLAM
Place: Grand Hotel Park, Šetalište kralja Zvonimira 39, Dubrownik, Chorwacja
Date: 29th of September – 1st of October 2005


It is our honor and pleasure to invite you to join us in Dubrovnik in September 2005 for the 2nd meeting of CEECLAM

This young organization, founded under auspices of ICLAM has already held the first meeting in Warsaw three years ago. Now is high time for the 2nd meeting of CEECLAM. During this meeting we will present both life and health topics and address some most important factors that influence the process of underwriting and acceptance of applications in life insurance.

We will address the most relevant questions for the daily practice in health insurance and discuss main issues important in assessing disability Life and health insurance in central and east European countries were some of the most propulsive business lines in the past and it will surely continue to be so in the future.

Why Dubrovnik - because it is considered to be the most beautiful part of the Adriatic coast with its 13th century Old Town, rich vegetation, white pebble beaches and the crystal clean sea. While staying in Dubrovnik in 1929, George Bernard Shaw said: "If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik".

We hope you will enjoy meeting colleagues from various countries such as Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Germany, Austria etc.

We look forward to welcoming you in Dubrovnik,/p>

Dr Krzysztof Grzyliński, President of CEECLAM
Dr Dario Lovrić, President elect of CEECLAM


Scientific committee

Prof. Ryszard Andrzejak
Polish Association of Insurance Medicine (PAIM)

Dr Siegfried Akermann

Prof. Janos Feher
Hungarian Society of Life Insurance Medicine (MEBOT)

Dr Raymond Gill
Gen Re

Dr Dominique Lannes
Scor vie

Dr Wolfgang Munda

Dr Achim Regenauer
Munich Re


Organizing committee

President: Dr Krzysztof Grzyliński

President elect: Dr Dario Lovrić

Past president: Prof. Janos Feher

Secretary: Dr Zuzanna Guzel

Treasurer: Dr Jerzy Nowak

Croatian Chamber of Commerce: Mirjana Kovačić

Insurance Companies Association, Croatia: Matija Vujević

PAIM representatives: Dr Piotr Daniluk, Dr Barbara Godlewska-Jurczak, Dr Alina Goszczyk, Dr Arkadiusz Lipka, Dr Jerzy Morzycki, Dr Tadeusz M.Zielonka

CEECLAM Board Representatives: Dr Ivana Buresova (Czech Republic), Dr Theodora Lupan-Caba (Romania), Dr Peter Mlkvy (Slovakia)



  Thursday, 29th September 2005
  Morning session – Disability
  Dr Jan Bronsema (Swiss Re) Underwriting DI
  Tony Culhane (Gen Re) Disability, view from claims perspective
  Dr Raymond Gill (Gen Re) „Old wine in a new bottles”
  Dr Siegfriend Akermann (Allianz Life) Long-term disability Insurance - the German experience
  Afternoon session – Disability (cont.)
  Dr Primarius Bradić (Croatia Zdravstveno Osiguranje), Dr Feren Juhasz (MEBOT) Directives of Disability in Insurance - Hungarian perspective
  Dr Peter Felkai (MEBOT) Travel insurance
  Friday, 30th September 2005
  CEECLAM Committee Meeting
  Morning session – Life Insurance
  Dr Achim Regenauer (Munich Re) Underwriting the Metabolic syndrome
  D. Lannes (Scor Vie) Diabetes as an insurance problem
  Dr Piotr Daniluk (PTMU) Main risk factors and their impact on underwriting- Polish perspective
  Dr Zuzanna Guzel (PTMU) Colorectal cancer - underwriting issues
  Dr Akermann Information about ICLAM 2007
  Afternoon session – Health Insurance
  Dr Dario Lovrić (Croatian Insurance Association) Lecture on health insurance
  Dr Krzysztof Grzyliński (PTMU) Risk management in health insurance - Polish perspective
  panel – Croatian guests and experts
  Saturday, 1st October 2005