1st National Polish Conference of PAIM and Medford - Healthcare Solutions "Health MEEX.2009/2010"

Organized by: PAIM
Miejsce: Fryderyk Chopin Mercure Hotel, al. Jana Pawła II 22, Warsaw
Date: 17th of Marvh 2010


Polish Insurance Association is the honorary patron of the Conference. We are expecting up to 150 participants including invited guests who are the respected representatives of the healthcare market.

The aim of the conference is to present main events on the healthcare market in the previous year as well as provide an overview of development perspectives in the years to come.

Agenda includes:

  • the most interesting events on the Polish medical market including insurance enterprises, both public and commercial;
  • insurance enterprises' proposals on volountary health insurance;
  • issue of volountary hospital treatment insurance;
  • public sector projects – achieved experience;
  • experience of the first commercial hospital in the Polish capital – Medicover Hospital and the norms of cooperation with the field of insurance;
  • presentation of perspectives for 2010 from both the public and non-public payer's the point of view.

During the Conference two discussion panels with invited experts are planned. During these panels the Organisers aim to cover the issues of the most important events on the Polish medical market and present action plans in the healthcare sector, as well as the needs and expectations as far as healthcare is concerned.

Invited lecturers and panelists are the heads and board members of the largest insurance associations, medical enterprises, representants of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Fund, outstanding experts of both Polish and international medical market.



  Wednesday, March 17th, 2010
9.00 – 9.15 welcome of participants, organisers' presentation
9.15 – 10.00 Poland and the world – events of 2009
  The most important events on the Polish, European and worldwide medical market in the last years
Medical service market at the turn of 2009/2010. Successes and failures. Initiatives – realization, challenges, barriers. Is commercial market still growing? What is the direction of change in health systems? What initiatives are taken up and why? What is the key challenge for healthcare administration? The most important events in Poland: public and private market, health insurance. What has happened in the recent years in Europe and in the world?
10.00 – 14.30 Main events of 2009
  Diagnosis related groups – experiences and perspectives after one year of implementation
Was implementation of DRG a good idea? What are the first experiences and expected changes or improvements? Is further development evolution-like or radical? Can DRG implementation be considered successful or unsuccessful? What has changed in hospitals after DRG implementation?
  Medicover Hospital – what is the future of private hospitals?
Experiences and challenges concerning hospital investment. Is it easy to build a commercial hospital in Poland? What were the challenges? What are the perspectives of this project? Is there a place on the market of Warsaw for a large commercial hospital? Will there be a place for another ones? The most significant successess and failures. Who is the designed client? The place of insurance companies and the public sector.
11.00 – 11.30 coffee break
  Hospital insurance – an indicator of a new era?
What is a hospital insurance? The experiences of insurance enterprises in providing hospital insurance. How big is the demand for insurance services elevating healthcare standards? Are they worth buyind and what are they worth for the client? Will hospital products be a driver for market growth?
  Changes on the market of providers – market consolidaton, capital investments, development
The history of changes of non-public providers. Outpatient (Luxmed, Medicover) and hospital (EMC and others) market consolidation. Hospital investments – those in progress and only prognosed. Financing – venture capital and the exchange.
  The most important events of the medical market – different points of view
Discussion panel with lecturers and invited guests.
13.30 – 14.30 lunch
14.30 – 17.00 Development prospects – 2010+
  Plans of the Ministry of Health for 2010 – less money, more changes?
Plans of the Ministry of Health for 2010. What are the initiatives to be expected in the area of health insurance, structural changes, drug policy. What and when some changes in the National Health Fund will be introduced? The influence of elections on key decisions. Long-term change programme.
  Health services reform, access to private payers – what next?
Why systemic changes are needed in Poland? The aim of introducing the changes. Current Ministry of Health initiatives, insurance branch project, other structural changes. What can be saved from already existing concepts? Expectations and hopes of non-public sector. Possible scenarios of further actions.
  Health insurance – what is being prepared by the insurers?
What can be surprising in the field of insurance? What are the aspects determining superiority of competition on the health insurance market? Can we expect rapid growth in the number of insured? Will 2010 be a year of investment? What new products and solutions are going to be instroduced to insurance offers?
  Summary – what will 2010 be like?
Will we spend more on medical services? Will hospital chains appear? Can any new capital enter Polish market? What will be the common thought governing actions on the commercial market? What will be the event of the year 2010 in non-public healthcare?
  What can be expected in the healthcare system? – plans, needs, expectations
Discussion panel with lecturers and invited guests.
17.00 – 17.10 Conference closing