The meeting of PAIM and EUMASS representatives in Prague

EUMASSOn June 5th-6th 2015 representatives of PAIM – Dr Zuzanna Guzel And Dr Piotr Daniluk – have taken part in an EUMASS organisation meeting held in Prague.

EUMASS is an organisation bringing together medical examiners operating in the social system. An invitation to the meeting was a result of the actions of Dr Grażyna Hart, Head Doctor of the Social Insurance Institution (Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych). SII is a member of EUMASS and Dr Hart represents Poland in its structures.

The scope of the meeting included current organisational issues and the state of progress as far as preparation for the forthcoming international conference in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on June 9-11th 2016 is concerned. Another part of the meeting constituted presentations of the invited organisations, including PAIM. We had prepared and gave a presentation on the history, statutory objectives, finished projects and planned activities of our Association. The presentation has raised interest due to a wide range of actions and intensive activity of PAIM.


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